Hola (pronounced Oh-Lah) means hello in Spanish.

Hola (pronounced Oh-Lah) means hello in Spanish.

Infante Consulting & Research is now Hola Insights!

About Us


Natalia Infante Caylor, PhD

Dr. Caylor, a native Spanish speaker was born and raised in Paraguay. She has extensive multicultural research experience, and a professional background in research planning and development, financial services, and non-profit work. She is a former instructor of research, Spanish language and culture, as well as multiculturalism at several Colorado universities.  
Her love for qualitative research started in 2009 while attending graduate school at Colorado State University (known as a very active research university). She has the discipline and experience necessary to conduct robust research studies, abiding to rigorous standards and ethical expectations in English and Spanish.
Her experience includes working with private companies, government institutions, and non-profit organizations in the areas of healthcare, video gaming, vaping and nicotine, organ donation, health insurance, patient care, toy design, fast food, nutrition education, small businesses, and other areas.


National Memberships & Roles

Dr. Caylor is a board member nominee of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) 2021. Chair-Session Host of the QRCA 2022 virtual and in-person conferences, International Members committee member, First Timers' Ambassador, a feature co-editor of the QRCA Views Magazine (Toolbox section), and a former Advance Committee member. She's also a member of the Insights Association-Southwest Chapter, and was a speaker at the Quirk's conference 2022 in Chicago, where she presented about the Importance of Hispanic Consumers to Brands.

Colorado Memberships & Roles

Our founder is a former executive board member of Crossroads Safehouse, and a former board member of Alternatives to Violence, a non-profit organization providing shelter, advocacy, education, and resources for people impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. 
When not working, she likes traveling with her family, reading a good book, or enjoying Colorado's natural beauty. 

Memberships & Professional Organizations

Green Book Logo


Knowing Your Hispanic Consumer

This talk was presented for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Denver, Colorado.

Group Photo of Attendees and Presenter at Weld County Community Foundation

Presenter at Quirk's Conference in Chicago

Quirk's is the place where the best, brightest and boldest in marketing research — clients and agencies alike — exchange their most effective ideas.


Guest Panelist for WiRE event Women in Research-Denver

Invited as one of three panelists, representing strong and powerful women who have risen up in their careers in different ways. WiRE is an international organization working to advance the contributions and voice of women in research, both for themselves and for the greater good of the industry.

Group Photo of Attendees and Presenter at Weld County Community Foundation

Knowing Your Hispanic Consumers

Guest Presenter-Weld County Community Foundation

Building a Better Future Through Insights

This presentation was part of the QRCA International Market Research Day 2021



QRCA Views Professional Magazine

QRCA Views Spring 2022

Natalia Infante Caylor reviewed the book FLUX: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change by April Rinne.


Fieldwork Blog Guest Contributor

Fieldwork Blog Spring 2022

Natalia Infante Caylor was invited to share her expertise for the Fieldwork Blog called 7 Top Moderator Tips to Increase Respondent Engagement.  


QRCA Views Professional Magazine

QRCA Views Spring 2021

Natalia Infante Caylor reviewed the book Think like a Rocket Scientist by Ozan Varol for QRCA.


QRCA Views Professional Magazine

QRCA Views Spring 2021

Natalia Infante Caylor reviewed the book Innovator's DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators by Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen, and Clayton M. Christensen.


Significant Insights Guest Contributor

April 18, 2021

Natalia Infante Caylor wrote a guest blog about her journey to becoming a research consultant.


QRCA Blog Contributor

 August 24, 2021

Multicultural Consumers and Technology: A Match Made in Heaven... or Not by Natalia Infante Caylor

What Clients & Colleagues Say About Us


Regina Szyszkiewicz

Founder, Ten People Talking

Natalia has been a wonderful addition to my qualitative research projects that require a Hispanic interviewer. She partners well and is able to provide guidance regarding Hispanic screener and guide design, and to identify salient research insights unique to the Hispanic participants.
However, what makes her a great partner is who she is as a person. She is professional, flexible, conscientious and a delight to work with.


Jesse Esparza

Owner, Morning Sun Enterprises LLC

Natalia is a professional with integrity, dedication, and loyalty to each of her clients. As I work with Natalia and see how she works with her clients, I am always so impressed with how personable she is and committed to fulfilling each and every need. She takes the time to listen, as she works to accomplish and provide a meaningful outcome for each client.


Shannon Hein

Business Specialist at City of Fort Collins

Natalia Infante was a dream to work with. She was able to provide support for an important project requiring cultural relevance and expertise, empathy, patience, research skills, excellent customer service, and follow-up.She was able to hit the ground running and engage with more constituents and more importantly at a deeper level, making the project a huge success. I would highly recommend Natalia to help with your research projects.


Eric Snider, Ph.D.

Lifestory Research Corporation

I want to thank you for your support during the assignment. I was delighted with your skills and aptitude in facilitating the focus groups. I hope we can find future opportunities to work together!


Dena Jardine

Economic and Workforce Development DepartmentLarimer County, Colorado

Thank you for all of your dedication, positive energy, astuteness, and willingness to go the extra mile. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to learning more next week.


Garry Auld, PhD

Colorado State University, Food Science & Human Nutrition, Faculty Member

For over 10 years, I have worked with Dr. Infante-Caylor on multiple research projects targeting the low-income audience. Most of these projects involved qualitative research protocols (moderating multi-state focus groups and conducting individual interviews in Spanish and English), and formal analysis of transcripts to address research objectives.
Other projects consisted of developing training paraprofessional educators, developing new evaluation tools as well as a training DVD for moderators, e.g., assessing how completing a program affected participant’s quality of life. In all these endeavors, Dr. Infante-Caylor acted in a professional and timely manner. I thoroughly enjoy my interactions with Natalia and continue to involve her in projects whenever possible.

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