Hola (pronounced Oh-Lah) means hello in Spanish.

Hola (pronounced Oh-Lah) means hello in Spanish.


We get to the heart of the Hispanic customers' needs, desires, beliefs, decision-making, and more. Our qualitative market research uncovers the critical insights you need to extend your products, services, and marketing campaigns to a Hispanic audience. Trust us to bridge the cultural divide between your brand and the Hispanic market, we also take care of your GenPop projects.

We moderate focus groups, online bulletin boards, do ethnographies, in-depth interviews, and shop-alongs in English and Spanish for government agencies, brands, and research firms that seek a competitive advantage. The Hispanic market represents an enormous opportunity for organizations that want to leverage its buying power. 

Hispanic Focus Groups

Focus Groups

We conduct focus groups in Spanish and English with four to six participants who have similar challenges, pain points, interests, or experiences. We keep the conversation relevant to the research objectives, ensuring you get the insights you need to power your innovations, messaging, and initiatives.

Our moderators are native Spanish speakers. As cultural natives, they are culturally sensitive and ask the right questions, listen for cultural nuances, and analyze participants' responses in the correct context. 

In Depth Interview

In-depth Interviews

In-depth interviews (IDIs) are useful when examining complex, sensitive, or confidential subjects. For example, many people wouldn't feel comfortable discussing personal health, divorce, and finances with a group of strangers. IDIs offer a more personal and confidential alternative to gathering critical insights. 
With our expertise in Hispanic culture and language, we can conduct IDIs to uncover how your target Hispanic markets solve particular challenges, search for solutions, and their paths to purchase. 

Shop-Along Market Research

Shop-Along Research

We provide Shop-Along market research to measure in-store and online customer experiences. We conduct interviews in English and Spanish and can travel to meet your customers anywhere in the United States. 
With this type of ethnographic study, you can learn shoppers' motivations and paths to purchase. Discover journey maps; decision trees; category adjacencies; responses to shelf sets, planograms, and point of purchase displays; barriers to shopping or purchasing; and reactions to store changes.

Hispanic Focus Groups

Focus Groups

A focus group brings four to six people together to discuss particular topics. These groups are typically used in consumer research in the following scenarios:

    When you want to learn from people's conversations and interactions
    When the brand wants to understand the needs, thoughts, and feelings of the target audience
    When you need to explore consumers' perceptions of your brand
    When you want to clarify and further understand data from survey research
    When you want to understand consumers' purchase decisions and processes
    When you want to explore use-cases for your product or service

In-Depth Interviews

If you are in a highly-regulated industry with sensitive or confidential information, you may need to use in-depth interviews (IDIs) to get participants to open up about their experiences for your research project. Many people find one-on-one interactions preferable to group dynamics, so IDIs offer a great alternative for qualitative data gathering.
IDIs are also ideal when the target participants have limited availability and cannot attend a scheduled focus group. We can do interviews in person, by phone, or online at the participants' convenience.
We can facilitate interviews in Spanish, English, or both. The goal is to take language barriers out of the equation and make the participants comfortable to share freely.
Our qualitative interviewing skills go beyond just language. With our knowledge of the Hispanic culture, we pick up norms and nuances that other market research firms will miss. These are critical pieces of information to make insights actionable. 
We offer in-depth interviews including:

In-Depth Interview

Shop-Along Research

Shop-Along Market Research

When you want to understand your customers and their in-store shopping experience, the shop-along market research study provides great shopper insights. We can go anywhere in the U.S. and conduct interviews in English or Spanish. We also provide thorough, detailed, and timely analysis. 
The Hispanic shopper views purchases differently, navigates stores differently, has unique paths to purchase, and views brands and packaging differently than non-Hispanic shoppers. The shop-along is an effective way to understand how this target market interacts with your brand, category, or competitors. 
Ethographic studies like shop-alongs are exceedingly good at getting inside the shopper's mind at the moments of decision. Use shop-alongs when you want detailed point of purchase insights. We can help you with:

    Multi-cultural understanding
    Conduct interviews in English and Spanish
    Detailed reporting
    Travel anywhere in the U.S.

Clients' Testimonials


Jesse Esparza

Owner, Morning Sun Enterprises LLC

Natalia is a professional with integrity, dedication, and loyalty to each of her clients. As I work with Natalia and see how she works with her clients, I am always so impressed with how personable she is and committed to fulfilling each and every need. She takes the time to listen, as she works to accomplish and provide a meaningful outcome for each client.


Shannon Hein

Business Specialist at City of Fort Collins

Natalia Infante was a dream to work with. She was able to provide support for an important project requiring cultural relevance and expertise, empathy, patience, research skills, excellent customer service, and follow-up.She was able to hit the ground running and engage with more constituents and more importantly at a deeper level, making the project a huge success. I would highly recommend Natalia to help with your research projects.


Garry Auld, PhD

Colorado State University, Food Science & Human Nutrition, Faculty Member

For over 10 years, I have worked with Dr. Infante-Caylor on multiple research projects targeting the low-income audience. Most of these projects involved qualitative research protocols (moderating multi-state focus groups and conducting individual interviews in Spanish and English), and formal analysis of transcripts to address research objectives.
Other projects consisted of developing training paraprofessional educators, developing new evaluation tools as well as a training DVD for moderators, e.g., assessing how completing a program affected participant’s quality of life. In all these endeavors, Dr. Infante-Caylor acted in a professional and timely manner. I thoroughly enjoy my interactions with Natalia and continue to involve her in projects whenever possible.


Eric Snider, Ph.D.

Lifestory Research Corporation

I want to thank you for your support during the assignment. I was delighted with your skills and aptitude in facilitating the focus groups. I hope we can find future opportunities to work together!


Dena Jardine

Economic and Workforce Development DepartmentLarimer County, Colorado

Thank you for all of your dedication, positive energy, astuteness, and willingness to go the extra mile. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to learning more next week.

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